• Full Time Latin and Ballroom Dance instructors

    Arthur Murray Dance Center
    Job Description
    If your New Year's resolution was to find a job, do something that makes you happy, and use your customer service skills - we may be a good match. We are looking for people to train to become Full Time Latin and Ballroom Dance instructors.

    Are you an Athlete, Customer Service Superstar, Classically trained dancer, Unclassically trained dancer, Restaurant Host/Hostess, Barista, Public Speaker, Musician, Theatre Geek, Amateur Filmmaker, Personal Trainer, Camp Counselor, Majored in Changing Your Major, or if you just throw really great house parties.... you may be what we are looking for. 

    Brace yourself: We are looking for "people skilled" people. Dance experience is great, but "the people business" experience is key.

    NOTE: This is a horrible job if you prefer:
    1. Cubicles
    2. Anti-social behavior
    3. Very limited physical contact

    Here's the pitch:
    1. Send over a regular resume (see the warning above: no dance experience necessary)
    2. From there, we bring in the best "people-people" for interviews.
    3. For all of those selected, we immerse them in a comfort zone altering boot camp
    4. When ready, we transition them into full time dance instructors.... really.

    Through the training program you'll learn how to dance the Tango, Swing, Salsa, Samba, and everything else you may have seen on TV. Our company (Arthur Murray) has been teaching the world to dance since 1912. There are nearly 300 locations all over the globe, and you have a chance to be apart of the Arthur Murray in Stockton.

    So if you're:
    -sick of the cubicle jungle, the khaki jungle, or the food service jungle.
    -looking for a new identity, a new challenge, or next-level social skills
    -If you traded your time for a degree you want nothing to do with.
    -If you're sick and tired of trading your artistic, athletic, or creative side for a 9 to 5...

    We might be perfect job for you. All the perks of a creative dance job, with the security of:
    - Full Time (must be able to work 1pm-10pm)
    - Medical/Dental
    - Vacation Pay
    - Holiday Pay

    Send your resume to stockton@arthurmurraylive.com to begin the process! 
    PS: This is a real job, real location, on Earth in Stockton. We have a website, a heartbeat, and we have a growing business that just happens to be an incredible place to work.
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