• City Manager’s Review Board Announcement

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, July 15, 2020                                                       
    Contact:         Connie Cochran, Community Relations Officer
    209-937-8827 office / 209-629-1251 cell / connie.cochran@stocktonca.gov
    City Manager’s Review Board Announcement
    An Innovative Approach to Ensuring Comprehensive Public Safety Strategies
    STOCKTON, Calif. – City Manager Harry Black and Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones held a press conference today to announce the newly formed City Manager’s Review Board. The City Manager is doing this in partnership with the City’s Chief of Police, Eric Jones. The board of 25 individuals includes a diverse cross section of community leaders and members, along with industry subject matter experts who offer diverse perspectives, City Administrators, and members of the Stockton Police Department. The Board through its analysis of policies and practices will provide insight, guidance, monitoring and recommendations on community-police relations and will serve to support the City in its ongoing, continuous improvement efforts to collaboratively promote comprehensive public safety strategies, and to build, enhance and expand relationships with the community.

                  “Members of this Board offer invaluable expertise,” shared City Manager Harry Black. “They will become proactive partners in community problem solving and place-based strategies development, building bridges and relationships between the community and the police and helping us to ensure fair, equitable, and courteous treatment for all in a collaborative environment. I look forward to working with this group to explore a wide range of topics and strategies for our community.”
                  The work of the Board will focus on a continuous review of policies and practices by reviewing and analyzing data related to citizen complaints, police calls for service, traffic stops, crime statistics, officer involved shootings, and use of force, as well as assaults on police officers and other categories. 

    Chief Eric Jones discussed the Stockton Police Department and progress over the last few years as part of the National Initiative on Building Community Trust and Justice and how the Department’s work on policy and training reforms have provided “opportunity and focus for courageous conversations about Racial Reconciliation, procedural justice, interacting with mentally ill community members, carotid restraints, and other serious concerns that you see being discussed at a national level each day.”

    The Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilmembers spoke positively about the importance of engaging the community, and the City Manager’s proactive approach to engaging members of the community in problem solving.

    “The creation of the City Manager’s community-driven review board is another tool in a toolbox of innovative programs and policies that puts Stockton’s police department in a position to build upon community trust, which we have been doing here long before 2020,” said Mayor Michael Tubbs. “This board will utilize data-driven strategies, input from the community, and feedback from experts to help us make informed decisions so that we may allocate city resources more effectively.”

    “City Manager Black has demonstrated his willingness to engage stakeholders in the decision-making process and consider a variety of differing perspectives, even in his day to day management of the City,” said Vice Mayor Dan Wright. “This is a productive and innovative approach to ensuring we are getting to the heart of the needs of our community.”

    The City Manager and Chief will spend July and August standing up the Board. The Board will meet during mid-September for an orientation session and then will have its first full meeting at the beginning of October. Many of the discussions, policies and decisions will be supported by and informed by the City Manager’s Office of Performance & Data Analytics. The work of the Board will be indicative of collegiality, collaboration and rigorous data analysis.

    The full press conference is available for viewing on the City’s YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/StocktonUpdates, broadcast on Comcast Channel 97, and viewable on the City’s website at www.stocktonca.gov/Channel97.

    For additional information about the City Manager’s Review Board, please call (209) 937-8827. Information about the City Manager’s Office of Performance & Data Analytics is available at www.stocktonca.gov/OPDA.