• News Release - Summary of Actions Taken at Stockton City Council First Virtual Online Council Meeting

    Tuesday, March 24, 2020
    COVID-19 #2020-05                                                            
    Contact: Connie Cochran, Community Relations Officer
    209-937-8827 (o) / 209-629-1251 (c) / connie.cochran@stocktonca.gov
    Stockton City Council First Virtual Online Council Meeting
    Addressed Scheduled Items Including Regular Business and Related to Emergency
    STOCKTON, Calif. – The Stockton City Council held its first virtual, online meeting this evening, Tuesday, March 24, 2020. The meeting was held using a combination of technologies that allowed the Council to conduct business from multiple locations and continue to stream and broadcast the audio portion of the meeting, supported by presentation slides. Public comments were accepted in advance of the meeting through the website, as well as during the meeting by telephone and email.
    The Council addressed many items that are typical of an in-person meeting at City Hall, approving reports, agreements, purchases and projects related to regular City business and department needs, as well as taking actions related to the COVID-19 health emergency. 
    On March 17, 2020, the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance that enacted a two-month moratorium on certain residential tenant evictions, due to nonpayment of rent caused by loss of income from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). A similar urgency ordinance was adopted this evening placing a temporary moratorium on commercial evictions, under certain conditions, due to the impacts of COVID-19. The purpose of the ordinance, which is effective immediately, is to help stabilize the local economy and prevent
    avoidable closures of businesses. The ordinance was approved for a period of two months.
    The Council approved a plan to allocate the $1,235,000 Emergency Coronavirus Response Fund that was approved at the March 17, 2020, Council Meeting. Three main categories have been identified to expedite and ensure that funds are distributed and used efficiently to address the needs of those most impacted by the coronavirus: Housing and Homelessness ($500,000), Community Well-Being ($385,000), and Small Business Support ($350,000). Potential partners for Housing and Homeless funds include The Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, Gospel Center Rescue Mission, and Central Valley Low Income Housing Corporation. In the category of Community Well-Being, St. Mary’s Dining Hall and Emergency Food Bank are partners providing critical support services, with some funding provided to the City Office of Violence Prevention for client stabilization and support. The City is currently seeking partners to administer funds in the Small Business Support category. Council approved giving the City Manager Authority to allocate funds that meet approved priority goals and maximize impact and benefit to the community.
    A Resolution was approved affirming the State of California Stay at Home Order issued by Governor Newsom, which requires all residents to remain at home, except for essential needs and services and the workforce identified as essential, such as critical government workers, grocery stores, medical services and pharmacies, food services and food production, energy, communications, and manufacturing, to list a few areas. The State Order is in effect until further notice. Enforcement is through information and education and in the event of non-compliance, may elevate to further action, including being charged with a misdemeanor.
    The City Manager announced that he has extended the payment due date for City of Stockton Business Licenses to June 15, 2020.
    City of Stockton has provided notice to golf courses within the City limits that they must close and may continue food sales through takeout, drive-thru and delivery. The City will also begin posting parks within the City to this week to restrict use.
    To view and listen to City Council Meetings: www.stocktonca.gov/councilmeetings.
    For updates about the City’s response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and Stay at Home Orders by both the State and San Joaquin County, visit www.stocktonca.gov/Updates. Subscribe to updates about City of Stockton actions, activities and information through the Ask Stockton email subscription list COVID-19 - Coronavirus. Submit a request for services or information at www.stocktonca.gov/AskStockton.
    The safety of our community is our primary concern, and we appreciate your patience during these extraordinary times.
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