• Public Service Announcement

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    November 20, 2019


    Do not throw this document away until you have read it in it’s
    entirety. It may or may not have life concerning issues in it for you and
    your family, due to the health and safety issues arising from the Alerts
    issued by the Power companies in our State. We find it necessary to
    make our customers and the public at large, know there are options
    available for citizens like you to safely maintain and sustain life without
    compromising your families safety. The Public Safety Power Shut Off by
    PG&E, has caused a panic with regards to how you can safely maintain
    Power for your home and businesses. We have established many
    solid options for you. Please contact our office and one of our Energy
    specialists will assist you with solutions through these trying times.
    We have been in business assisting the community for over 30 years.

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